Skull Hoodie – Back For A Limited Time!

Last time, our TF2 Skull Hoodie (unique TF2 design) was only sold for a super limited time. People kept pestering us to bring it back, so… well, here ya go, peeps! We listened to ya, and brought our Skull Hoodie back into production! Well, at least for now. There’s no telling when we’re gonna wipe this thing from existence again, so if ya want one, best get at er now before it’s too late.


Envision Crew Skull Hoodie – TF2 Limited

TF2 Team Reformation

After four seasons in ESEA, and several more in UGC and other leagues and formats, it’s time that we make some important changes to our teams and rosters, especially now that Envision Crew is becoming an Esport Organization.

1. UGC

As of right now, Envision Crew only has a single team competing in UGC, with us dropping support for Highlander and their 6v6 leagues.
Sidular, Snorty, Gloperz, and ArraySeven are competing in UGC Silver.


Our ESEA team is entering into its 4th season in Open. Our Season 26 roster is experimental, though we have confidence in their ability to get the job done.

3. RGL

Envision Crew is competing in RGL’s Competitive Low division. Roster is as of yet unfinalized.



TF2 Logo & Branches

Envision Crew’s TF2 teams are being run separately from the main organization. Due to this, we will be using a new TF2-centric logo to properly represent our Team Fortress 2 teams and branches.

ESEA 8/8

Season 23 was our first ever foray into ESEA, and we went in with the goal of having a win/loss ratio of 50/50. Surprisingly, we achieved exactly that, with 8 wins, and 8 losses.

With an early 4-1 record, we were hit with a 5 game losing streak. The tension within was hitting a boiling point, and it was common knowledge at this point that our team was going through some personal problems. However, those problems were mostly resolved, and the team decided it was best to take the rest of the season a little less seriously. Things began to even out, and it resulted in an even record of 8 wins, and 8 losses. Not quite playoff potential, but a good start to a new team all the same.

GG guys, and we’ll see you all next season.