Envision Crew – Streamers, Brand Shift

Envision Crew started out as an esport team back in 2015, and later transitioned into a full esport organization. We’ve had several teams operating under our brand, and have supported dozens of players with developing their esports career, many of whom are still actively competing today.

Now, Envision Crew is looking to expand our overall reach and operations into the world of streaming, and content creation. Starting today, we are branching out into the realms of Twitch and YouTube, and have several active content creators of varying size and nationality playing under our flag. We aim to be able to support the Crew with the proper resources needed to truly take their streams to the next level.

To mark this new streamer-first initiative, we are happy and proud to finally make our new logo and overall space-focused brand an official part of Envision Crew. While we’ve been using this newly redesigned branding for a couple of months now, we’ve never actually made an official announcement explaining why we’ve decided to shift our brand over to a more futuristic aesthetic, specifically in regards to our heavy focus on the abstractness of space.


Envision Crew’s slogan since the very beginning has always been “Envisioning A Future Where Teamwork Is Key”. That’s our motto, and is ultimately why we exist.

Space is a representation of something more. Something bigger. Of a future filled with both darkness, and infinite sources of light. Space represents rapid expansion. Constant growth. Teamwork. We are one people, one Crew, travelling amongst the stars in search of a greater tomorrow.

Plus, space is cool.

Creator Codes

Starting today, all of our content creators and streamers, as well as any and all esport professionals playing under the Envision Crew banner, will be given a unique Creator Code. If you use a Creator Code (which is basically just a coupon) to purchase something on Envision Crew, that creator will be given 50% of the net revenue generated from that sale.

Plus, each creator code provides a 5% discount across the board, so you’ll be able to save a pretty penny (or two) as well!



Speaking of merch, Envision Crew is using a new merch supplier. Just like before, all of our merchandise is printed on-demand, so there’s no waste or other nasty environmental concerns. This also means that we will never run out of stock!

Unlike before, Envision Crew now has three options of merch, each of varying quality and print style. Few things to be aware of though.

  1. Our basic front-printed shirts are now designated as “Ultra-Basic”. These are the same shirts that we used to sell before, quality-wise. The print is on the front, and there’s nothing fancy going on here. It’s just a basic front-print shirt.
  2. We also have newer shirts that feature designs on the front, as well as on the left or right sleeve. These shirts are the same quality as our Ultra-Basic class, with the only difference being extra designs on additional locations.
  3. We have also introduced new all-over designs, which feature print on every available part of the shirt. Some of these designs are more subtle, while some are obviously a bit more, well, obvious.


That’s it for now, everyone! This article may be updated a bit later, but for right now, it’s been sitting in the backend for far too long, so I’m just gonna publish it! 😀